My Work

The following is a small sample of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. If you’d like to see more or hear more about my process, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.


I am confident in my abilities to lead product designs from conceptualization to completion. I understand how important it is for my designs to fulfill business goals, work with existing tech stacks and pattern libraries, and, most importantly, succeed in creating delightful and successful user experiences. I am experienced in working with all stakeholders, from developers to customers to CEOs to create meaningful product designs.

One of the things that I enjoy most about the field of UI/UX design is the fact that learning is constant. I find great joy in building designs from truth, and my real craft is in utilizing visual design elements to create these memorable, digital experiences. I thrive in communities of other driven professionals, and I am determined in my growth as a designer.


My Process


Define & Ideate

The start of any successful project is marked by all team members working to better understand goals, requirements and guidelines. For me, this step includes activities like creating personas, thinking through use cases, wireframing, researching competitors, and talking with clients and stakeholders.


Design & Confirm

My favorite part of every project — putting all of the pieces together visually. Perfecting pixels is my specialty, and my design process is an ongoing cycle of prototyping and validating; continuously moving from low to high fidelity while continually aligning my work with project guidelines and goals.


Build & Deploy

Once a design has been validated, I work closely with developers as designs become “real”. I enjoy working with developers, product managers, and other, technical team members to make sure designs are understood, technical optimizations are made clear, and all internal stakeholders are on the same page.


Analyze & Iterate

The end of my process only marks the beginning of future implementations. I hold the belief that all projects have room for improvement and that the best designs come from taking feedback seriously. It’s only once a design is built and put in front of users that we can truly understand the users’ experiences.