"I have worked with Alison on countless projects. Her work ethic is second to none and she has always had an impeccable eye for design. In the time I have known her she has grown from a talented junior designer to someone I would trust running lead on a design project from prototype to final visual design." 
Tom Rau, Farmhouse

"What stands out to me about Alison is her amazing work ethic, dependability, unique eye for design, excellent organizational skills and communication skills. She is able to meet deadlines without any problem, and has never let me down. She is able to take criticism and produce revisions with quick turn-around times, no problem. It's really hard to find a designer who is not only good at what they do, but who genuinely cares about the project while being a shining happy presence that you want to be around. I would recommend Alison to anyone and would love to work with her again."
Angie Scala, Freelance Designer
"I had the pleasure of working with Alison at Knurture, a software design consultancy. In her role as solutions architect, she was constantly innovating ways to improve processes and find creative solutions to problems. Her user research techniques were insightful and targeted, and I learned so much from reading her meticulous and thoughtful reports. She also created a successful peer coaching program that was implemented company-wide, and she applied her deep understanding of human psychology and behavior as my peer coach. I truly miss working with such an enthusiastic, intelligent, and ingenious person."
Trix Middlekauff, Knurture
"She gives the best belly rubs and always makes sure my water bowl stays full. 10/10 would hire again."
Hudson, My Golden Retriever Puppy
"Alison was instrumental in the start-up phase of our business, helping us develop a brand.  She is quite adept with colors and design, always giving us several options throughout the process. This allowed us to "make it our own" yet have a polished, professional end-product.  I was particularly impressed with Alison's timely, polite communications and listening skills, making it a pleasure to work her every step of the way!” 
Rausa McManus, LifePro Care Management
"She always accomplishes what she needs to do in a timely and efficient manner, delivering the highest quality of work. She possesses a high-level of communication and teamwork skills, and she takes feedback well. She's a valuable asset to our team and has been key to our success. Alison would be a tremendous asset to any project or company and has my highest recommendation.”  
Suzanne Taylor, Oak City Collective
“Alison was able to work with me in conceptualizing a design [for my tattoo]. It felt like a really collaborative effort, especially because she was so receptive to feedback I had. I also liked working with her because she was able to fill in the blanks, artistically speaking. I am so happy and honored to have Alison's art on my body for the rest of my life!” 
Hannah Pittman, Yoga Instructor