My expertise lies in crafting software design solutions, and my happy place lies somewhere between users' goals, business' objectives, and stakeholders' needs. Software designs need to be more than just engaging; they should work with human psychology, behavior and tendencies in order to truly make digital solutions work.

It's pretty simple: I believe in good experiences on- and offline. Who doesn't? The thing is, user experience (UX) software solutions can often be overlooked or neglected as a result of short sprints, limited bandwidth, and ever-changing priorities. That's where I come in, ready to deliver pixel-perfect, user-focused (and vetted) designs that make sure dev time and resources are well spent. Don't set yourself up for the unknown — factor it into your designs from the beginning for success.

NOTE: I have served as the lead UX designer on two, new software tools that are still in development. I hope to have the permissions to share those designs here once they go public!

See the responsive Adwerx homepage for yourself, here.

See the responsive Adwerx homepage for yourself, here.


The future of virtual experiences is responsive.

One experience that I am proud of is the responsive rework of a 3-year old, non-responsive site. While every designer loves a sparkly, new project, I have found a similar adoration for delving into the redesign of existing designs.

I had the pleasure of serving as the lead designer on a responsive overhaul and, with the help of a superstar team of developers and product managers, we were able to create a solution that has (to date) significantly outperformed (i.e. conversions) its predated, non-responsive counterpart on both web and mobile.

The Adwerx responsive project resulted in an 11% increase in conversion rate.


I believe that every project should take into account the end user. Why is something being built? Or, more typically, why does it exist as it is now? There are many questions that are often met with assumptions in this field of work. User research exists to validate or disprove those assumptions. Something that seems so obvious is overlooked ... which is where I come in.

I started my career at Knurture, a UX consultancy that's worked with over 100 B2B SaaS companies. It's worth noting that I came into the professional world with a very strong, existing fascination with human factors psychology and human-computer interaction. Since the very beginning of my career, I have continuously confirmed my passion for the field whether it be one-on-one user testing sessions or wireframing on a whiteboard.

I have spent the past five years learning all I can in the field. One of the things I enjoy most about the field of UI/UX design is the fact that I get to learn new things every single day. I thrive in communities of other driven professionals.

I strongly believe that user research is a vital part to any design process and understand that designs should be based on human behavior and psychology.


I find great pleasure in connecting brand voice to marketing efforts through visual design efforts.

I have experience in creating designs for landing pages, emails, ads, print collateral and all other marketing materials. The joy that I get from understanding users expands to aligning stakeholders of all kinds with each of their visions. One thing that sets me apart from other visual designers is my desire to analyze and iterate on every marketing effort, whether this be by A/B testing digital marketing collateral or integrating stakeholder feedback into updated designs.

Aside from the full-time roles I've held, I have also worked with myriad of brands to help them create collateral to stand out to their customers. I have worked with companies in industries ranging from beauty products to home goods.

Marketing materials are often the first time users meet a brand, and I believe in the importance of first impressions.


Branding is fuunnn.

There's something truly magical about replicating a vision through physical design by using color, depth, typography and patterns. I love helping others use design to express their brands/companies to the world.

My work process looks a little something like a montage of me excitedly picking my clients' brains, scribbling on pieces of paper, dreaming up as many solutions as possible, tinkering with hex codes, looking meticulously into typography solutions, and tweaking each pixel until it looks as I intended. And I often deliver logos, style guides, and all assets in one week or less.

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I believe in the power of words. Whether it's a call-to-action or an onboarding blurb for new users, the content that we deliver to new user experiences is a crucial element of every user experience. Content design relies heavily on cognitive psychology and human perception — two of my favorite studies. Crafting content is an important part of product design, and I enjoy being able to use my knowledge of writing + psychology + best practices in order to create engaging user experiences with text elements.



If you've gotten this far in my portfolio, you've probably caught onto my passion for design. Professionally, I thrive by providing business value through design. In life, I enjoy utilizing design as a tool for spreading happiness, and my personal projects range from engagement party invitations (image on right) to helping friends and family with their resume content + design.