I am confident in my abilities to lead product designs from conceptualization to completion. I understand how important it is for my designs to fulfill business goals, work with existing tech stacks and pattern libraries, and, most importantly, succeed in creating delightful and successful user experiences. I am experienced in working with all stakeholders, from developers to customers to CEOs to create meaningful product designs.

One of the things that I enjoy most about the field of UI/UX design is the fact that learning is constant. I find great joy in building designs from truth, and my real craft is in utilizing visual design elements to create these memorable, digital experiences. I thrive in communities of other driven professionals, and I am determined in my growth as a designer.


A little background   I started my professional career at Knurture, a UX consultancy that, at the time, had worked with over 100 B2B SaaS companies after finding my calling in human factors psychology and human-computer interaction in college. Since the start of my career, I have continued to confirm my passion for the field. I feel my most fulfilled when I'm performing user interviews, sketching wireframes, picking the brains of stakeholders, etc. It's pretty incredible to know I have found my professional calling.

A little bit about how I think   User research provides validity to designs and proves their worth to stakeholders, end users, and colleagues. Why is something being built? Or, more specifically, why does it exist as it is now? There are many questions that are often met with assumptions in this field of work. User research exists to validate or disprove those assumptions ... and I love that! What's the point of an aesthetically beautiful design that doesn't work for the end user? Very little. It's the combination of visual designs and user experiences that create outstanding products. Using visual design elements to create good experiences is what I'm all about.



One project that I am proud of is the responsive rework of a 3-year old, non-responsive site. While every designer loves a sparkly, new project, I have found a similar adoration for delving into the redesign of existing designs.

I had the pleasure of serving as the lead designer on a responsive overhaul and, with the help of a superstar team of developers and product managers, we were able to create a solution that has (to date) significantly outperformed (i.e. conversions) its predated, non-responsive counterpart on both web and mobile.

As a Product Designer, I am excited for the future, and I believe it's important to stay current on all tech + design trends.

To see the project for yourself, go here.



One thing that sets me apart from other visual designers is my desire to analyze and iterate on every design effort, whether this be by A/B testing digital marketing collateral or integrating stakeholder feedback into updated designs.

Aside from the full-time roles I've held, I have also worked with myriad of brands to help them create collateral to stand out to their customers. I have worked with companies in industries ranging from beauty products to home goods.

I have experience in crafting landing pages, emails, ads, print collateral, presentations, and more. The images to the left were used for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Marketing materials are often the first time users meet a brand, and I believe in the importance of first impressions.