See the responsive Adwerx site for yourself, here.

See the responsive Adwerx site for yourself, here.


Soon after joining the small but mighty Product team at Adwerx, we set sights on making our web platform responsive. I served as the lead designer on this extensive project that directly affected our conversion funnel. I worked closely with developers and product managers to create a solution that has (to date) significantly outperformed (i.e. conversions) its predated, non-responsive counterpart on both web and mobile.

In addition to this specific responsive project, I believe the future is in responsive design and development and keep this in mind with every project.

The Adwerx responsive project resulted in an 11% increase in conversion rate.


I believe that every project should take into account the end user. Why is something being built? Or, more typically, why was this built the way it was? There are many questions that are often met with assumptions in this field of work. User research exists to validate or disprove those assumptions.

As an undergraduate research assistant, I performed one-on-one sessions with participants (in order to evaluate their cognitive performance). Soon after, I joined Knurture, a UX consultancy that's worked with over 100 B2B SaaS companies. Here, I was able to hone in my user research skills by constantly improving on my one-on-one sessions with participants and analysis of my findings.

I have spent the past four years focused on learning all I can in the field.  I strongly believe that user research is a vital part to any design process and understand that designs should be based on human behavior and psychology.

Favorite related book: Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug



When I first joined Adwerx, my sole focus was designing for our product marketing efforts. I immersed myself in creating landing pages, emails, ads, print collateral and all other marketing materials. Similar to branding projects, I am passionate about connecting brand voice to marketing efforts through visual design efforts.

Aside from my full-time work, I have also worked with smaller brands to help them create collateral to stand out to their customers. I enjoy crafting designs that express brands in ways that attract consumers.

Favorite related book: Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini


To me, logos embody the entire feeling of a brand; they must standout while representing an entire company. 

There's something truly magical about replicating a vision through physical design by using color, depth, typography and patterns. I love helping others use design to express their brands/companies to the world.

Learn more about how I work, here.