My expertise lies in crafting memorable digital experiences, and my happy place lies somewhere between users' goals, business' objectives, and stakeholders' needs. I strongly believe that designs should be more than just engaging; they should work with human psychology, behavior and tendencies in order to be successful.


It's pretty simple: I believe in good experiences on- and offline. Who doesn't? The thing is, user experience (UX) design solutions can often be overlooked or neglected as a result of short sprints, limited bandwidth, and ever-changing priorities. That's where I come in, ready to deliver user-centric (and vetted) designs that make sure dev time and resources are well spent. Don't set yourself up for the unknown — factor it into your designs from the beginning for success.

With a background in psychology, I approach every problem with a mixture of creative curiosity and logical problem solving. I possess the dedication, judgement, and skill to quickly ship quality projects.

I am the Founder of Alison Kilburn Studio, a website design studio specializing in small business designs and I'm also the head cheerleader at KeepCo, a virtual coworking space for women who work remotely.  In my spare time, you can find me reading up on UI/UX trends, listening to music, attending fitness classes at the Y, or playing with my adorable pup, Hudson.

Alison has a refined eye for design and understanding of the customer. She was able to make a big impact at Adwerx with significant contributions both to existing products and to designing complex applications from a blank canvas. I can’t wait to see what new designs she brings to life.
— Nick Sehn, COO at Adwerx
Alison is a quiet storm. She is diligent, focused and an excellent collaborator. Her design work is thoughtful and always user-centric. She learns new processes and platforms quickly and is generous with her time and expertise with her team. The projects we worked on together were some of the more effective I did, with no small contribution by Alison’s own organization and management of expectations. She also has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, and is remarkably self-directed. I can’t wait to see how she grows.
— Lauren Walker, Senior Director of Account Strategy at Inman Group
Alison is a smart, talented and disciplined designer who always delivered what was asked of her, and beyond. Often when reviewing a design with Alison I’d be impressed by how she took liberties and ran with new ideas of her own, while also executing what was expected. When you work with Alison, you get more than deliverables; she brings a passion for developing her craft and an inclusive mindset to her projects, both of which are apparent to anyone who spends time with her. Working with Alison was a pleasure, and I look forward to seeing what great experiences she delivers in the future.
— Mike Davey, Senior Product Manager at Adwerx
I love working with Alison! She is both a very talented designer and a joy to work with. I work with Alison very closely. She helps to develop and design the product I work on and the collaboration process is really wonderful. She is quick to answer my questions, make adjustments, and seek and provide valuable feedback. She is also invested in keeping current with the newest technology, tools, and ideas in her field... Her designs are beautiful and a joy to build and interact with. I’m lucky to work with someone so dedicated to her job, and so good at it too.
— Erin Brown, Front End Lead Developer at Custom Communications
Alison always accomplishes what she needs to do in a timely and efficient manner, delivering the highest quality of work. She possesses a high-level of communication and teamwork skills, and she takes feedback well. She’s a valuable asset to our team and has been key to our success. Alison would be a tremendous asset to any project or company and has my highest recommendation.
— Suzanne Taylor, Owner of Oak City Collective
She gives the best belly rubs and always makes sure my water bowl stays full. 10/10 would hire again.
— Hudson, My Golden Retriever